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Animalytix Acquires North American Compendium Assets and Establishes Canadian Affiliate

Kansas City, MO, December 1st, 2015

Animalytix LLC today announced its acquisition of the Compendium of Veterinary Products (CVP), the MSDS information system, and related assets formerly held by North American Compendiums, located in Waterloo, Ontario.  With the addition of these premier animal health product information systems, Animalytix strengthens its position as a full service provider of animal health product information and services and expands the company’s reach into Canada by forming its new affiliate, Animalytix Ltd.  Read more here.






New Additions to the Animalytix Data Provider Network

Animalytix is pleased to announce the following companies have recently initiated on-boarding as data providers for the company’s ALYX Market Survey services:  Penn Vet of Lancaster PA; Missouri Farmers Association of Columbia, MO; and Wyoming Livestock of Riverton, WY. 

Penn Vet is a key regional distributor for the veterinary practitioners in the New England and Middle Atlantic regions while Missouri Farmers Association and Wyoming Livestock are important OTC suppliers for the Midwest and Mountain West regions respectively. 

On-boarding and data validation for these companies is expected to commence in the late 3rd quarter and conclude by year end or early in the first quarter 2016.  Animalytix remains committed to continued expansion of its data provider’s network and continuous improvement of its overall market coverage.  Animalytix is pleased to welcome these three great companies to its network and appreciative of their support of the Animalytix initiative.

January 14, 2016
Patterson Veterinary is a leading distributor of consumable supplies, equipment and software, diagnostic products, vaccines and pharmaceuticals to both the companion and production animal markets in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.  Patterson is headquartered in St. Paul, MN and is currently led by CEO Scott Anderson. The Patterson story began with the.....

Animalytix Expands Presence in KC Animal Health Corridor With Cosentry's Colocation Services

Animalytix adds a second data center in Lenexa, KS with partner Cosentry. 

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Animalytix®—The Animal Health Industry’s Leading Provider of Commercial Insight

Animalytix LLC is the animal health industry’s leading public clearinghouse for sales information, capturing the results of 30 million sales transactions per year and a comprehensive database of $50 billion in sales history dating from 2006, reflecting sales of 15,000 products from more than 500 manufacturers.

As a sales information and analytics platform, Animalytix LLC is unique in its ability to deliver actionable commercial insight via its timely reporting of geo-located sales information for vaccines, insecticides, pharmaceuticals, and other products sold to veterinarians, OTC retailers, and producers.